1. petit voyage matinal (xavier good)
2. el choral (yannick delez)
3. douze (yannick delez - chloe levy)
4. leïnicha (chloe levy)
5. queen of sydney (paul mccandless)
6. my funny valentine (rogers - hart)
7. opossum (michel bastet)
8. concave (yannick delez)
9. ashes (chloe levy)
10. convexe (yannick delez)


Recorded november 2006 at Rainbow
Studio (Oslo

Reording, mastering, mastering:
jan-erik kongshaug

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Saying that Chloé Levy and Yannick Delez's encounter makes a beautiful duo is understatement - everything about these musicians unites them.They neither succumb to the facile nor seek to demonstrate, but use the rare and the subtle as their means of expression.Their lyrical approach voices itself in instrumental juxtaposition: the piano sings, the voice expresses itself with keyboard precision; the meandering patterns and mobile harmonies of their musical dialogue reflect profound generosity and create a vibrant pattern which is at once pure and colourful, translucent and incarnate. Un-sleek purity - attentive and sincere - feeds on roughness, weakness and fragility, transforming them into an infinitely tender cry.