chloe levy (voc)

Born in New York, vocalist, composer and improviser Chloé Lévy has lived in Switzerland since 1981. Coming to music instinctively she was initially influenced by Soul and R n' B, but soon turned to acoustic music and jazz, choosing to take up jazz and improvisation studies.She worked with Susanne Abbuehl, Rachelle Bersier and Audrey Michael at the Higher Jazz Studies Institute in Lausanne, receiving her Performance Degree in 2006. Chloé Lévy is also a Friedl Wald Scholarship and "Let's Jazz Together" competition-for-soloists laureate.She has performed with a number of jazz, contemporary jazz and contemporary music groups.In 2002 she founded the KEA Quartet with Michel Bastet (piano), Cyril Regamey (dr), and Alex Allflatt (b).She is a member of the group Eldissa which performed at the Biarritz Film Festival (France), as well as the Bangkok and Sofia Jazz Festivals (Thailand and Bulgaria).She has played at the "Jazz in the City" Festival and initiated the festival "Jazz in the Vineyards".
She also developed the "Conversation" project, a musical-pictorial event in collaboration with the artist Madeleine Spierer.Chloé Lévy is a member of the contemporary vocal ensemble "Polhymnia".

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yannick delez (piano)

Pianist-composer Yannick Délez was born in Martigny, Switzerland in 1972.Beginning as a self-taught musician at the age of 10, he had fully consecrated himself to the piano by the time he was 23. He began contemporary jazz with Denis Bertrand, Pierre-François Massy, Popol Lavanchy, Marcel Papaux, Mathias Von Ihmof, Yannick Barman, Christian Magnussen, David Venitucci, Diego Marion, Cyril Regamey, Antoine Auberson, Raphaël Pitteloud et Fabien Sévilla.Yannick Délez has been a member of "Piano Seven" since 2000 with concerts in Switzerland, France, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Viet-Nam and Lebanon, as well as an original performance with 7 pianos, percussion, and brass quintet for the Swiss National Exhibition in 2002 directed by Jean-François Bovard.His Altrisuoni Records 2003 solo album "Rouges" received international acclaim.His group "Yannick Délez Trio", founded in 2004 with Philippe Ehinger (bass clarinet) and Stefano Saccon (soprano saxophone), was selected for the Diagonales 07 Festival.Along with his work as a performing musician,

Yannick Délez has taught piano and music theory at the Jazz and Contemporary Music School of Lausanne (EJMA) since 1992, as well as at the Department of Jazz at the Lausanne Conservatory (CDLHEM) since 2006.

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