XAVIER GOOD sax / composition
YANNICK DELEZ piano / composition

XY duo aims to go beyond the usual soloist-accompanist scheme through written and improvised arrangements.The duo gets its inspiration in the 20th century impressionist period as well as in contemporary jazz and classical music. A spontaneous and dreamlike contemporary jazz, woven around the complicity of the two musicians.


Vaguely Asian | Steeve Swallow

I Fall In Love To Easely | Jule Styne

Tergiversations | Xavier Good

Unrequited | Brad Mehldau


Tenor & Soprano Saxophone / composition

Swiss saxophonist and composer. He starts playing saxophone and gets passionate about jazz in his early age. In 2000, he begins saxophone studies with Charles Schneider at the Jazz school of Lausanne. Through the study of piano as a second instrument, he naturally starts developing a passion for composition and arrangement.

He also takes part in workshops with numerous renowned musicians such as Eric Watson, Ohad Talmor, Stéphane Payen, François Jeanneau, Rosario Giuliani. He graduates in 2005 with honours. Xavier Good composes and performs with various bands. He founds his own quartet with Raoul Baumann (pn), Marc-Olivier Savoy(dm) and Alexis Hanhardt(b) for which he composes and arranges his own compositions. He also performs with Brainless a funk band in which he plays tenor saxophone and arranges music for 3 albums. He joins another funk band named the Funk Collectif from 2001 to 2006 as arranger and alto saxophonist one disk recorded. He gets into eastern traditional music with the band of pianist Gjon Guralumi who arranges albanian music, the band will record two albums with the Unit Records label between 2004 and 2010.

On a more experimental note, he plays in a collective improvisation ensemble named "Low Pass" with Marc-Olivier Savoy(dm), Marc Méan(pn), César Auberson(ts), and Alexandre Halflatt(b). In 2011 he joins Pittsburgh's big band and gets the best soloist award during a big band contest in Philadephia.

In 2015 he starts playing and arranging music with Chloé Lévy (vocals) and Philippe Ehinger(bc).



Piano / composition

Yannick Délez, is a swiss pianist-composer. Self-educated musician from a very young age, he undertakes professional studies at the Ecole de Jazz of Lausanne in 1990 where he obtains a piano diploma. He develops a personal playing amongst many acoustic jazz bands in. Then he joins the band Piano Seven (7 pianos and guests) with which he records 4 albums and plays in many concert halls of Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Taipei, Singapore, Beirut and Beijing, Shangai, Saigon, among others. He participates in three creations of the group for which he composes and arranges, one of those being an original performance with 7 pianos, percussion, and brass quintet for the Swiss National Exhibition in 2002 .

The first record bearing his name is “Rouge” (Altrisuoni 2003) a piano solo album that received international acclaim. One can appreciate the particularity of his piano playing in the same time pointillist and lyric. ...“based on rhythmical ostinati and a truly original technique...” (RSR La Première), “... a family of thinking favouring romantic lyricism and sophisticated harmonic choices...” (Jazzman***).

In 2004 he composes a repertoire for piano – bass clarinet – soprano saxophone and creates his own trio (Yannick Délez Trio) with Philippe Ehinger (bass clarinet) and Stefano Saccon (soprano saxophone). They are selected for the Swiss Diagonales Jazz 07.

In 2004 he also constitutes a Duo with the singer Chloé Lévy. The Chloé Lévy Yannick Délez Duo records in December 2006 his first album “Leinicha” at the Rainbow Studio in Oslo with the audio engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug. “Leinicha” receives positive feedbacks from specialised press (Jazzman****. Télérama ffff, Concerto*****).

In 2010 he publish his second piano solo album : “Boreales” (UnitRecords UTR 4271) which receive also a very positive feedback from the European press (Jazz’n’more *****, Concerto ****) In 2016 he publish a third piano solo album. “Live / Monotypes” (UnitRecords / Deutschlandradio UTR 4755) a double album based on a live performance recorded by Deutschland radio. The album was nominated for the national disc critic awards in Germany



credit photo © Loïc Gardiol